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~# 'Unwrap the Code' Holiday Challenge

We are excited to announce that we are having a code breaking challenge to be released on December 26th! Why December 26th? Because we don't want to interfere with the holidays, while providing a fun challenge during the end of year change freeze.

This will be our final fund raiser for this year. Help us end the year with a cheer! We appreciate the support from all of our Believers, in every form they come and the effort they make to help us prepare the next generation of security experts.

The best part about this contest is that it's a GLOBAL contest. How awesome?!

How to play:
In order to compete, you must have a Keybase account.

To participate in the contest with a 24 hour lead on the general public, make a $50 donation to Hak4Kidz. See the donation button below.

  1. If you don't already have one, get your self a Keybase account. If you need an invite, we have only 20 available.
  2. Follow H4KContests in Keybase to get yourself prepared.
  3. In a private Keybase folder, create a file called "h4kcontest.txt" without the double-quotes.
  4. In the file, add your email address and PayPal Donation confirmation number on separate lines in that file. We will be verifying this so don't be sneaky. Questionable behavior will be considered cheating and you will be disqualified. To redeem yourself, show us what you did, but you will begin with a 24 delay before the contest begins. If your bad deeds are discovered post game start, you will remain disqualified.
  5. On December 26th, at a time designated in the donation confirmation, your text file will have a link appended to access the challenge file.
  6. The Hak4Kidz Twitter is your place to go for contest information.
  7. If you are amongst the individuals who made a Badge donation at BSides Las Vegas and told us to keep the donation, you have an automatic entry into this contest. Please contact us via Twitter, email, carrier pigeon, anyway you can to let us know you want to participate.
  8. Don't forget to make a donation to receive a 24 hour head start!

The prize:
We still have the amazing ROCK+ Lifetime Badge prize to BSides Las Vegas to give away.

The prize details: