~# 2016 Hak4Kidz Indy Activities

Time to get your H4K on with these educational activities:

~# 2016 Workshop

Registration will be via sign-up sheet on Friday June 10th at main registration and check-in for CircleCityCon

~# Look Inside an Android App

~## Synopsis

Mobile apps have changed our lives in so many wonderful ways. But what makes them tick? During this 2 hour workshop, we will take a look inside Android apps and how they can be easily hacked. Discussions on best practices for building your own apps will be interjected during the workshop.

This workshop will be held on Saturday morning June 11th at 10am in the conference room next to the Hak4Kidz Village.

~## About the Instructor

David Schwartzberg is the President and one of the creators of Hak4Kidz. He works in the mobile security field at MobileIron and is a member of the MobileIron Security Labs. Considering David is usually helping keep the event run smoothly, this is a rare opportunity to attend a workshop which he is instructing. Take advantage of it.

~## Workshop Mandatory Minimum System Requirements

Bring Your Own Laptop Meeting the following Criteria:

NOTE: The above may also be loaded into a virtual machine with VMware Workstation / VMware Fusion, Microsoft VirtualPC or VirtualBox.