~## 2016 Hak4Kidz Chicago Keynote

  Austin Valleskey

Austin Valleskey is not your typical high school Junior. At age 10 Austin was designing and developing stunning websites. By 15, Austin made an iPhone app called “Impossible Rush” that raced up the top charts and was downloaded more than 1,000,000 times within a few months. The game Austin coded in an afternoon peaked at 16th on the U.S. iTunes charts, beating apps like Netflix, Twitter, Tinder, Skype, and Spotify. Austin has been featured on Forbes, Business Insider, Huffington Post, NBC, and WGN, to name a few. He is a sought after speaker with engagements in the U.S., Europe, and Israel. His work and connections have brought him to Google, Facebook, Apple, WeWork, and various start-up tech companies. Recently, he spent his summer working in San Francisco for gifs.com as their Head of Design. His expertise helped boost daily visitors from 100,000 to nearly 1,000,000 a day.

~# 2016 Hak4Kidz Speakers

The Call For Presentations is currently OPEN for 2016. Last year's speakers can be found in the activities archived page.

~# 2016 Hak4Kidz Activities

June 25th, 2016 Schedule of Activities source code compiling...

Time to get your H4K on with these educational activities:

Additional activities for Hak4Kidz are still being finalized, so please check back regularly.

~# 2016 Workshops

Registration ** OPEN ** for all workshops

~# Web Hacking Exposed: The Threat Awakens


~## Synopsis

Boba Fett

Ever wonder what Boba Fett and professional ethical hackers have in common? Both are bounty hunters! That’s right; ethical hackers can be bounty hunters too! Companies with websites hire ethical hackers to test for vulnerabilities. This method is called “crowdsourcing” where there are rewards out for finding bugs on their own web applications.

When the researchers (aka ethical hacker) attack the web application and find a genuine bug before anyone else, they get paid a bounty! Just like Boba Fett when he brought Han Solo to Jabba the Hut. How cool is that? During this workshop no one will be frozen in carbonite.

In this workshop, experienced penetration ("pen") tester Mike Jones will introduce you to the realm of web application security and the use of tools such as Burp Suite web proxy, and SQLmap plugins. Tyros will learn about reconnaisance of a web application, use of spidering/web crawling using a pre-built testing web application. Tyros will also be exposed to some of the different types of vulnerability classes such as XSS(Cross-site Scripting), SQL Injection, Forced Browsing and Open Redirection. Through the lab session Tyros will be taught a methodology for assessing, discovering, attacking, and exploitation of a test web applications. Tyros will also learn about the practice of Responsible Disclosure when vulnerabilities are discovered in public websites/web applications.

This workshop's expected runtime is 3 hours and will be scheduled in two parts, one in the morning, and the second part in the afternoon.


~## Workshop Requirements

Tyros will need to bring the following:

~# Build a Racing Quadcopter!

Mad Lab

This is a two hour workshop dedicated to building your own quadcopter UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle).

A FREAK 220 class quadcopter is designed to be an introductory quadcopter for the budding enthusiast. The workshop will include a baseline starter kit with options to add on FPV camera, or Fat Shark Goggles for an immersive UAV experience. This workshop will be lead by Mad Lab Industries build experts.

This workshop's expected runtime is 2 hours and will be scheduled in the morning after the keynote address.

This kit does not include the battery charger.